My cure for creative burnout

Sometimes while I’m working on a new painting my creativity dries up. This thing called artist’s block started to interfere with my productivity recently and I don’t like it.

It began half a year ago when I didn’t have an idea for a new painting, so I started to paint a self-portrait.
Nothing serious, just needed something to do, and since then until today every time I’ve been in creative drought, I work on that self-portrait.

Usually I put few brush strokes, update my social network profiles (promotion or waste of time I’m not really sure) and get back to work.
So here is that side project I’ve been working on, it’s not nearly finished and I don’t know when it will be, but it keeps me productive and it will be interesting to see a final result.

self-portrait in progress, zlatko music contemporary art paintings, abstract, modern artwork

self-portrait in progress


2 thoughts on “My cure for creative burnout

  1. Wow! Very interesting! I can tell a lot about you from this painting, although I know it represents those times of artist block. I know how you feel. I have been dealing with that myself, but I think mine stems from a depression of sorts. My daughter suggested about a week ago that I should have an ongoing painting that I just do to express how I’m feeling when I find it hard to paint. I’ve drawn it out on paper, perhaps you have given me the motivation to start today. Thanks for sharing.

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