Beauty, colors and umbrellas

contemporary figure art painting by artist Zlatko Music

Contemporary art painting by artist Zlatko Music , Beauty, colors and umbrellas (acrylic on canvas).

The story goes like this…

Okay, I should begin working on a new painting.
I was feeling worn down the last few months, so I took some time to rest, but I have a feeling that it did not help. The exhibition went very well and now it’s time to create something new, something better. I guess its expected of me now.
I’m thinking about the paintings that have left the most impression on people, so maybe I should continue in that direction. I try and of course, I fail. I’ve never been good at giving people what they want, I always liked doing things my way. Not particularly good thing if you are a person whose self-esteem depends on the opinions of others. Fortunately, or maybe unfortunately I’m not that kind of person.

Finally, I begin working on a new painting. I don’t remember exactly how or when inspiration came to me, but I had a feeling that it’s going to be something different. I’ll paint the summer, a girl, and even umbrellas, why not umbrellas when I love how they look.
While the summer light changes I’m giving my best to capture it. I immediately realized that this painting is not about a girl, her identity is not important here, it’s not even about umbrellas or shadows. This is about the passage of time, something I’ve been trying for a long time to capture.
An old idea in a new way.
Towards the end, I realize that something is wrong, painting has no weight and figure is floating in space.After a few days of observation I decide to borrow from Mondrian, why not? The lines create illusion of space, but unlike Mondrian’s mine have perspective, they are not a statement, but rather a necessity.

The painting is finished.

“Beauty, colors and umbrellas” print available on


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