New painting “Beauty, colors and summer sunshine”, (acrylic on canvas)

art painting, original artwork by artist Zlatko Music

Contemporary modern art painting, Beauty colors and summer sunshine. Original artwork by artist Zlatko Music.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed that in the August sunlight somehow becomes more gentle.
It’s not that hot anymore, the air becomes cleaner, and the colors and shadows stronger and clearer. Maybe it’s me, but it seems to me that at this time of year blue somehow becomes more blue and yellow is mild and moderate.
My girlfriend, who is also my biggest critic, says that my paint on canvas almost always corresponds to weather conditions. She had no idea that because of the blue dress she wears, she will have to stand for hours while I am trying to capture that palette of summer colors.
I guess, we all have to make sacrifices for art (insert evil laugh here).

Well, the painting is finished and I’m pretty satisfied with the final outcome. I’m already working on a new one to complete this mini series of summer paintings.

Art Print of “Beauty, colors and summer sunshine” painting is available on


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