Red Forest Eve

Red Forest Eve, abstract nature art painting

Red Forest Eve, contemporary modern abstract art painting, nature landscape. Original artwork by artist Zlatko Music.

A few days ago someone asked me on my Fine Art America  profile what inspired me to paint “Red forest eve” and wanted to know more about my technique. I decided to answer it here, since today’s post is about that particular painting.

In my work I mainly focus on the use of color, so when I started to paint “Red forest eve” it’s supposed to be an abstract painting but somehow ended up as a semi-abstract landscape. Still, regardless the scenery in the painting, it’s mostly my observation of contrasts between warm and cold colors, and how they influence on viewer emotions.

As for my technique, first, I like to underpaint with some cold color like blue in thin transparent layer. After that I apply thick layers of color (reds and yellows mostly) and before it dries out I scratch it with a palette knife (in some parts) so the cold colored underpainting is visible. do that until I’m satisfied with the
texture and how it looks, and after that I try with brush strokes to focus on form (often limiting myself to vertical and horizontal strokes). All this time I try not mixing colors on canvas, they should be mixed on a palette.
After that stage I like to start adding pure white or very light yellow to highlight some parts.
The rest is just following intuition and depending on the subject of painting, fixing forms or putting more paint on it and repeating the process until I’m satisfied with the way it looks and feels.
That’s about it.


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