Vineyard in the sun

Vineyard in the sun, contemporary fine art painting by Zlatko Music

Vineyard in the Sun, contemporary impressionistic fine art painting. Abstract art, original artwork by artist Zlatko Music.

After years of working in a small apartment, a few months ago I finally moved to a bigger place. Moving to a new place took a lot of time and work, so I didn’t paint so much, but now after it’s over, I’m starting to get back on track.
Since my new place is surrounded by nature (lots of trees, hills and meadows with Vineyards and all kinds of plants), there shouldn’t be problems with getting inspired for creating some art.

I’m posting today first painting done after I moved. It’s a semi-abstract nature landscape, inspired by a small vineyard in the backyard of the house. There is also a picture of work in progress where you can see beautiful nature that I’m surrounded by.

I hope you like it.

Vineyard in the sun, art painting, work in progress

Work in progress, painting by Zlatko Music


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