Somewhere to be (abstract landcape)

Contemporary abstract art painting. Fine art painting by artist Zlatko Music

Somewhere to be, contemporary abstract art painting, original artwork by artist Zlatko Music.

When I think of old age in my head, I imagine a picture of the sea and mountains, this is the first image which appears to me in my mind. Maybe because I believe that to grow old means to become wise, to have some kind of calmness and appreciate the moment.

Since I’m now in that stage of life when everything happens fast, I often find myself fighting with anxiety.
In order not to lose that fight, when I feel like I’m losing, I treat myself with moment of old age. I slow down my thoughts and create in my head the image the sea.

Today I present to you one such moment painted on canvas.
New semi-abstract painting named “Somewhere to be”, (acrylic on canvas).


One thought on “Somewhere to be (abstract landcape)

  1. Those are really nice thoughts… I wish it was so… It would be good to grow old in grace and contentment, but many don’t. Maybe if one practices being more relaxed and anxiety free when they are young, it will naturally be more like that in old age. So keep thinking of the calm oceans… 🙂 Love your painting!

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