Abstract landscape painting

New abstract landscape painting finished.

fine art landscape painting

landscape painting, abstract contemporary art by Zlatko Music

I painted this one only with a big brush, reducing in that way details to basic shapes and concentrating on colors and composition. The most interesting thing in the process was painting in multiple transparent layers and then adding a final thick layer of color.

abstract expressionism landscape painting, contemporary art by Zlatko Music

detail from landscape painting by Zlatko Music

The result was beautiful texture in painting with depth and compelling contrast, especially in the sky area.

abstract art, landscape painting

abstract landscape painting, original artwork by Zlatko Music

I hope you like it, leave a comment below and tell me what do you think about it.

print available on www.zlatko-music.artistwebsites.com


7 thoughts on “Abstract landscape painting

  1. Hey loved the abstract work, the paintings are really lovely, loved the first landscape. Would surely check out your blog again to find your amazing artwork. Check out Indian and Asian artwork at Osianama.com, the site have a huge collection of rare artworks from ancient as well modern period.

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